Lady in red from Homecomingirl

Hello ladies, how are you today? I’m verry good and happy, I’ve already told you that my homecoming is approaching.

In my opinion any woman look sexy in red, like the melody, lady in red, that singer know what he say. And when I see a woman using red lipstick I see in her a verry strong woman, sure of her and she know what si want.

If  a few days ago I told you I want for prom a black dress, now I change my mind, I want a red dress, so I’ve been searched on google for : Red Homecoming Dresses and look what I found, some amazing dresses and I want to show you what I like it. 

This dress look like verry nice, I love the he has braces but is still backless.


The second dress I want to show you si simple but classy and verry sexy, I thing any girl is going to feel fabulous wearing it at her prom.b632

I love at her the corset is simple and the skirt is ideal length, what do you think about this dress?

If you want to wear a long dress on Homecomingirl I found a nice dress, let me show you and than we can talk about it.


Let’s be honest this dress can be wear at any type of event, at the prom, on a cocktail party and the list continues.

This picture  represents me, I I see me in it, along with my daughter, believe meI would also like to wear a dress like this, but stay I did not show picture.


Tell me, is not adorable?

This is the last dress I show you, because if I show you all that beautiful dresses you will not visit the store.


This dress It is made from lace, I like this fabric, is sexy and classy, this dress is short but nice, and that V-neck is speechless.

So girl do you this that a girl look amazing on a red dress, this color give her confidence, and make her to feel sexy. So new I know that a girl need in her closet a black dress and a red dress because this two dressese can be wear anywhere and gets you out of any trouble.

I want to invite you to visit Homecomingirl website and tell me which is your favorite dress.

That’s all for today, I am waiting still here tomorrow. kisses.


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