Back to school


Hello Girls, is already september and schools are open. I have to admit it’s been a while since I finished school but i still look for the perfect prom dress.

In my high school the prom is diferent from others schools, we wear beautiful dresses, elegant and classy.

I find one website with some perfect dresses and I want to show you some beautiful dresses I found, so let’s begin.

 Because I want a prom dress I searched on google School Formal Dresses, and I found this perfect dresses.

So let’s begin, the first dress I want to show you is pink, is perfect, I love the gradient is so beautiful and makes the dress look amazing.


This dress is backless and have rhinestones, on her page you cand find a lot’s of detailes about her, and you find on chart size, and some good news this dress have a nice discount, 52%.

The second dress is dark navy, is verry sexy but still classy, I love the back side, is so beautiful.


Tell me girls this dress isn’t gorgeous?

The third dress is on short dress, but is so beautiful I have not resisted to show you.


I have to admit thie color is perfect, si so beautiful and is perfect form any girl.

If you want to look perfect ai the prom look on google for expresion Formal dresses online and you will find, a website with perfect dresses at good price and and many promotions.

I like this virtual store because I find details of dresses, and a chart size that help you to choise the right size.

If you visit this website you will see perfect dresses at verry good prices.

I will show other perfect dresses that I will like to wear at my prom.

This dress is classy and chic, is on promotion, and have 52% discount, so is perfect to that girl who wants to look perfect prom


I saw one dress that is ok for girls who wear larger sizes


For the first time I understood that you can look perfect no matter what size you wear.

This dress is verry beautiful and nice, is perfect for prom and beyond, is classy and sexy.

I invite to visit this website to see what beautiful dresses have and to see what dress is perfect for your prom.

That being said do not wait and see what dress you like.

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