My perfect dress

Hello girls, today I want to tell you about dresses, what I will wear at my best friend homecoming prom.

I want to say that I have a limited buget, and since I hear about this prom I’m looking for the perfect and cheap dress.

This is a verry serios search becouse I have to visit a lot of website to find my perfect dress.

I start search for dresses to  cheap evening gowns and this is my lucky combination, becouse I find this website were I find a lot of dress verry cheap.

Let me show you what I found and of course what I like.


I love this red dress, I love the bow from behind, and one big plus recived that is backless, this makes this dress sexy, chic and wonderful.

The second dress is purple, and I must say that I love this color, like the first one is backless,and on the top has a beautiful model.


I like this dress, but I can decide which one to pick.

The third dress si black, and ladys we already know that the black dress it helps as at every ocasion and it should not miss from your wardrobe.


I love the top of this dress, is so beatiful and elegant, is perfect for prom or any other ocasion.

I like the black and white combination, it never fail, you can look gorgeous at any events.

What I realy love at this website is the size chart that is attached any model, so you can buy the perfect dress for you.

Becouse I don’t want to show you all that beautiful models and ruin the suprise I want to invite you to visit  to see what model you like.

Tell girls what model do you like the most of those chosen by me?


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