One beautiful dress

I’m really sure that every girl dream at her wedding day, and wants that day to be perfect, my friend is not exception, she is getting merried in a verry short time and she want to be her dream wedding, without any unpleasantly event.

Becouse si has a lot to do she ask me to help her mother to find the perfect dress.

My friend mother loves lace fabric and she want to find the perfect dress from this fabric.

I start looking on internet, I search for lace dresses but I found so many models that was verry dificult for her to choice only one, and that I search from cheap formal dresses australia and here I found some beautiful dresses, and she choice two model verry nice, let me show you what si pick.

She choice a short dress and a long dress and here the fun begins becouse she can’t decide wich one to buy.



In my opinion both dresses ar perfect, the first one is beautiful si short but sexy and verry chic, the second is spectacular, is verry but verry sexy, it will attract many looks that any women will be jealous.

Becouse she can’t decide wich one I search other website with beautiful dress and when i search cheap long formal dressesafter she look at every dress si pick one beautiful, let me show you.

grey-scoop-floor-length-taffeta-a-line-mother-of-the-bride-dress-b2mm0012-a_1 (1)

I must say I love this dress, but my friend mother is still undecided and she ask me again to look for cheap formal dresses australia to see again these two dresses but also I have to write again cheap long formal dresses to see the third dress, and I must say that the third was the winning dress.

She finally decided and she look perfect at his daughter wedding.

By the way I didn’t tell you from what website order her perfect dress, you can find that dress on, but here you can find many beautiful dresses.

Kisses, I’m going to dance with my friend.

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