Some beautiful dresses

Hello girls, how are you today?

Let’s talk today about special events from our life. I must admit that today I have another topic în mind but this has change a few minutes ago when my best friend tell my about her wedding.

He invite my too this special evente but also ask me for help, of cuorse I said yes becouse I really love this kind of events and becouse she is my best friend.

She tell me to help her mother to choice the perfect dress, one dress that will look perfect and it will be right for her wedding.

I start asking her mother what dress she want and than I start looking on internet for the perfect dress to her.

My first step was to looking for lace mother of the bride dresses, becouse lace is verry important for my best friend mom, I want to show her only dresses that have this kind of fabric.

 I must admit that my friend mom is verry gallivant, and she has pick some beautiful dresses. Let me show you what she like.


This dress is verry nice, and is perfect for this gallvian mom, I like the color, and the part with the lace si verry chic and sexy.

Becouse my friend mom is indecide about his dress, and becouse she want to look perfect I look for mother of the bride dresses with sleeve, and show her some beautiful dresses.

Let me show you what dresses I found here:



Becouse she can’t decide wich one she ask me too look again for lace mother of the bride dresses to see more dresses but she still can’t decide and I have to return at mother of the bride dresses with sleeve, and here si pick the blue dress that I show you the third time.

By the way I forgot to tell you from what website she buy that beautiful dress,  she bought it from Wishesbridal, one beautiful online shop with some amazing dresses.



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