Let’s talk about wedding dresses


If you ask any girl you want you will recived the same answear: I dream at my wedding dress from a long time ago.

The same answear you will get from me and that’s way  today I want to talk about wedding and wedding dress and the event.

I would like to show you some beautiful dresses found on cocomelody, and at a verry good price. So let’s begin.

I must admit that I like a lots of models and I will show you some models, such mermaid wedding dresses.

This type of dresses are made for some type of body , and that’s way I will start with some picture of this models.


This beautiful dress is perfect for a girl and it will turn all the eyes her, but I must admit that bow is fabulos.

The second dress is also amazing and you can find it at designer wedding dresses category, but let my show you one model, please.


At this dress I love the naturall V neck and that is backless, it give her a glossy look, very elegant and sexy, perfect for that girl who want to be glamorous on her wedding day.

On cocomelody you will find a lot of beautiful dresses at a good price, and at any model you will find a lot’s of details about fabric, sizes, measure, delivery and some others information you need.

I hace seen that on cocomelody is a nice promotion and I want to tell you about it.


You will benefit with a free shipping if you order that perfect wedding dress for you untul 31.May .

I will end my post here but not before I invite you to see what beautiful models you can find on the website, and also tell you that you ar beautiful and at you wedding you have the feel perfect because that day is very important to you.

Be beautiful my dear!!!

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