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So, I will admit, I’m crazy, because I always buy stuff like backpacks. Big or small, I like it all. So today I will present you a nice one, and also a nice keychain.

I have brought things from because I already know that are good stuff at a very nice price. On this order I have pick up a nice backpack, a keychain, a pink one, and a pair of jeans. The pair of jeans hasen’t arrive yet, but I will show you when I will received. But let’s return to the products that has already arrive.


This pink rabbit is the most amazing keychain a have seen ever. A  few weeks ago I have seen something like this on a little girl, and sincer that day I always look like that on, and now I have my one.

The backpack is bigger, is a normal backpack, for school I can say, and I really like it because on this one I can take with me all I need. On my small backpack it was hard for me to put the book, my wallet, my agenda and my meal for a day of work.

I really like is bigger, I also like the is closing you zipper, and are quality zipper, and the most I love is the straps are wide and high quality. I will say that is the best backpack I have brought form other country,  but I will say that I speak about the bigger backpack, not small, like the one I have buy it, before.

I want to invited you  to visit this website, because here you will find nice products at a very nice price. Please tell what to you think about my choices, do you like my rabbit and my backpack?

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