How To Bleach Black Virgin Brazilian Weave Bundles To Blonde Hair Color

Virgin Hair extensions usually come in natural black colors. This color can however be dyed to whatever color of your choice and can be easily done at home. However when seeking to turn your black into blonde you would have to bleach your virgin Brazilian Weave Bundles first.

Before bleaching, certain points should be noted

Bleaching or dying only works on human hair. DO NOT attempt this on synthetic hair.

Avoid dying or processing your hair in the weeks preceding the bleaching. You would get better results when dying or bleaching your hair if the hair is strong and unprocessed.

Avoid applying heat to your hair with any heating appliance

Avoid hair products that contain chemicals.


The hair bleach e.g (via bleach by previa and Karaphlex concentrate which strengthens the hair and is used for bleaching)

Combs scale and bowl

Plastic wrap or tin foil

20 volume developer at 6 percent

Hot head cap (not mandatory)

Shampoo and hair oil (olive or coconut oil)


Place the bowl on the scale

Take six scoops of the bleach

Turn in the 20 volume developer or the liquid in your kit to your bleach

Mix till you get a creamy consistency it shouldn’t be too dry

Add two little cups of karaphlex if you are using karaphlex and turn till its smooth and creamy

Start with clean extensions free of hair products. Place them unto a foil or plastic wrap.

Apply the bleach from the top to the end using a small comb or put on your gloves and massage the mixture into the hair from the top to the end.

Comb the hair in between to cover every strand.

Take the hair and turn it on the other side, make sure every strand is covered in bleach

Fold the plastic wrap or foil over the extensions to ensure that no bleach is spilled. Heat it for ten minutes minimum with 30 degree centigrade or simply dry it with a blow drier.

Each time you bleach it, let it sit for an hour 30 minutes.

Repeat the process if you desire a lighter shade of blonde but this time be sure to check on it every five minutes to avoid over processing it.

Wash the hair with a PH balancing shampoo to neutralize the chemicals and use a deep conditioning treatment, the likes of coconut or olive oil

Leave it to air dry overnight or alternatively blow dry it with a blow dryer.

It is advisable to follow all the above stated steps in bleaching black Brazilian weave bundles to blonde virgin hair color. When bleaching your extensions ensure to use extensions that are in a good condition. Extensions may need to be trimmed and must not be synthetic. You don’t want to have a mess on your hands. Be cautious not to have bleach on your skin and if it happens makes sure you rinse the affected area thoroughly.

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