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Hello dear, today I want to show you what beautiful products I found on About this online store I have spoken to you, so you already know how much I love this store and how fond they are of their products.

They always find products for the whole family, but also for the house. Every time I choose to buy something for myself or my little girl, the husband is a little more difficult, so I let him buy himself.
I’m not going to stretch it, and I’m going to show you what products I found, and why I chose them.

A Line Flower Tunic Cami Top

I love this top, firstly because it has thin straps, for me this aspect represents a great advantage. Besides, he hides the little imperfections… So a big plus.

Bohemian Tie-Dye Illusion Print Racerback Long Tank Dress

The Second product, is this dress. I find it suitable for the summer and the warm season. Besides this… The color sends me with the thought to the beach and the sea.

Twisted Polka Dot Halter Bikini Set

Although this year I did not propose to go to the sea, I could not pass indifference over this bathing suit. I love polka dots, and it’s perfect.

Lace Panel Low Back Tank Top

I really like these shirts, which have the simple front and the back different. The idea of some models on the back delights me, as much as the blobs with the left or cut shoulders.

Front Pocket Floral Tunic Top

I do not wear shirts… Too sober for me, yet such a gorgeous tunic can not refuse it, looks gorgeous and goes perfectly to jeans. Besides, it’s suitable for an outing with friends but also for the job.

I’ll show you two more products, then I’ll go to the site to place my order, keep you in return, let you visit the store, and I’ll gladly wait for you to tell me what you like.
By the way, stay with me, I have a surprise for you.

Cold Shoulder Crisscross Tunic Sweater

You already figured out why I like this product, right?

The last product is this pair of trousers, I like them very much, but you must believe that it is difficult to choose only a few products. The range is varied and unbeatable prices make everything difficult.

Contrast Color Wide Leg Pants

All right, my dear, let me tell you what this is about, about the surprise: using the code below, you get discounts.

There will be a 20% discount Coupon Code:  DLGO20($30-$6,$50-$10, $80-$16, $100-$20, $150-$30, $200-$40, $300-$60)

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