What I order from dresslily.com

Hello, my dear, today I want to show you an interesting parcel. Do you know that a while ago I show you what products I want on dresslily.com, well today I will show you what I ordered.

I have to tell you that I ordered two blouses, both for me, a set of travel bags, a set of beauty tools, and some nail tattoos. I will show you the two blouses, and I will leave the link to them, also I will tell you my opinion of them.

The first blouse, it attracted me because it has an interesting pattern, but also because it has a feather print. The material is identical to the second blouse, they are somewhat similar.
What differs is that it does not have lace, and the sleeves have elastic, which I will loosen. It tightens me, and if I take it out, it’ll be perfect.

Plus Size Feather Print Raglan Sleeve Blouse

The second blouse, it’s blue, I always liked blue. As the material is the same as the first, it behaves gently to ironing, let the skin breathe, it is great.

Crochet Panel Floral Print Longline Blouse

Now that I’ve shown you the two blouses, let’s show you the set of bags for the trip. It consists of six bags, of different sizes, in which you can store different things. What I find interesting is that you can squeeze them and put them in one.

Travelling 6 Pieces Multifunctional Storage Bag Set

The following product is a set for beauty, contains the mirror, tweezers, plies for Instor lashes, but also different tools, I tell you right that I find it very useful this set, and I definitely recommend it to all ladies and girls who want to look good.

10Pcs Eyebrow Vibrassa Scissor

The last product chosen is a set of nail tattoos, I always had a crush on nail art, and the fact that these 24-piece tattoos cost $3 and something. I haven’t tried them yet… But they’ll definitely look phenomenal on the fingernails.

Art Flower Watermark Rose Wild Trend Nail Sticker 24 pcs

In conclusion, I am very excited about my order, and I will definitely show you other interesting products. Dresslily.com is the site where you will always find quality products at very good prices.

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