Newchic Summer Sale 2020 – Women Clothing Recommendation

Hi my dear, I will start this article with good news, then I will show you some absolutely fabulous bikini models for an unforgettable summer. I can tell you that I love this season and I can’t wait to go to the sea, but before I go into detail these details, let me reveal my surprise. Newchic has prepared us a wonderful surprise:

Pre-sale: 6th July – 13th July.
Crazy Shopping: 13th July – 18th July.
Thank and Reward: 20th July – 27th July.

Now that I’ve told you about the surprise prepared by Newchic, let me introduce you to some bikini models that have winked at me and that I’m thinking of buying in the future.

We can say that I will present to you Newchic Summer Sale 2020, because they are on trend and it is definitely worth sitting next to me to see what categories I’m talking about. The first category I’m about to introduce you to is animal print bikini.

I chose to introduce you to a bikini with a leopart print, because my little girl likes the leopard, I like the model and I admit that it is on my wishlist.

You need to know that you can find different sizes, but also colors and a plus is the fact that braces are detachable.

Although they have a wide range of swimwear, I have to tell you that on Newchic you can not only find bikinis, so I will change the category and show you african print shirts, perfect models for the warm season, wide of materials that let your skin breathe, something like the one shown below.

Because I am a girl who falls into the plus size category, I decided to show you the following category: Plus Size African dress, let me tell you that I fell in love with these models and it was difficult to present you with a single model.

It is difficult not to love these models, they are simply fabulous, I chose a rather simple model, but although it seems simple … nothing makes it lower, but on the contrary makes it special and perfect.

We’re still in this area, and the African print takes us to the category that fascinated me, specifically African Print Pants, although I’m a big fan of jeans pants, when the warm season comes… I would give anything to wear any other material time, the one below is ideal for hot summer days.

I like the model, it’s special and the material makes them suitable for the summer, also the surprises do not end here, I have to tell you a few more things and then end, but not before you ask to visit the online store to see that what I told you so far are real things and that Newchic has prepared for the summer season and not only.

The big flash discount of this summer sale activity is:
1.Free Shipping Coupons 
2.US$0.99 Flash Deals
3.US$9.99 Free Shipping Seckill
4.Flash Deals Up to 90% Off 
By the way, They will have a NewchicLive on Facebook on 03:00am 15th July, come here @LoveNewchic  to get your free gifts!

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