What I got off my dresslily.com

A while ago I received a package from Dresslily.com and today came time to show you and tell you what I think about what I got and I will leave you a code for the discount.

You already know that I like their products and that I order them whenever I have the opportunity, last time I chose two products – a T-shirt – tunic as it is listed on their website and a jacket – although it is more a hooded and furry dress. I’ll show you what I’m talking about right away.

I’ll show you the tunic for the first time, although I’ll tell you that I’m the wrong size and that it’s no longer in stock.

I’m telling you that they fit into the category
Dresslily’s Women’s Fashion, and here you will always find a lot of products at fairly affordable prices, but let’s not forget that I and Dresslily, have prepared a code with which you can benefit from the discount.

Besides the code prepared, I can also tell you that you benefit from free shipping if you have products worth $45, and how they have a lot of clothes but also other products for the whole family and for the house.

At this I like very much fur, I like the color but it bothers me how to end, having the string only at the top … And he’s to always unzip it when you’re getting dressed or undressing.

The second product is this blouse, a pink blouse as you can expect it, to be pink. I like the material being pleasant to the touch, but it’s pretty big for me. I picked the wrong size.

That said, the two products chosen on the site Dresslily.com are very beautiful and quality, although one is great, I like and I think I will find a way to change it to be good for me. I invite you to the site and do not forget… using the code GBJKNO, you can also benefit from the discount if you have an order exceeding $45 you get free shipping.

I invite you my darlings and I expect your impression about these products but also the link of the products you like.

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