Painted designs on lolita dress

Lolita dresses are unique, stylish, and create a cute look. They are many models from which you can choose, one more beautiful than others. From classic lolita dresses, gothic lolita dresses, and sweet lolita dresses. Every style has unique features, and within every model, you can choose from a wide range of colors, pattern lolita dresses, depending on your style. Let’s see a few examples of these beautiful dresses.

1) Sweet lolita print style tones

You can find sweet lolita dresses in numerous colors such as light blue, pink, black, red, white, beige, etc. For example, you can choose a white or beige dress for a day outfit, while for a night out, you can choose black, red, or pink. The pattern on the dresses are cute and have different themes:

  • animals such as cats, bats, bears;
  • fruits like strawberries, cherries;
  • sweets such as chocolate, candy, cupcakes, macarons,
  • fairy tail characters or elements.

All these dresses create an adorable outfit, and you can choose the pattern that fits your personality. If you like desserts, you can create a sweet costume, by choosing a sweet lolita dress with cupcakes design. It will be playful, colorful, and stand out, showing off your character.

Regarding the pattern, you can find sweet lolita dresses with a single model or multiplicate. Some of the dresses have a multiplicate pattern just on the skirt, while others have it on the top. You will choose to what part of the dress you want the focus to be. For example, you can choose a sweet lolita dress with bears pattern, located at the bottom of the dress, creating a beautiful effect when you walk or dance. If you select an adorable lolita dress with the pattern situated on the top, you will draw all the attention to the cleavage area. If you want a showstopper, you can go with a dress with a pattern all over the clothing. It is a statement dress; you can choose a model with dolls that are shown on all lengths of the dress.

You can find a wide range of sweet lolita dresses, with beautiful patterns, in different colors, to match your style.

2) Gothic lolita print styles

As well, you can find a multitude of gothic lolita dresses, according to your fashion style. Gothic lolita dresses are available in numerous colors, such as black, white, black with dark blue, black with wine red. The colors add a dramatic effect, and when they are combined, the effect is even more spectacular. Regarding the patterns, you also have a lot of models from which you can choose from. The painted designs vary from church building, church window, cross, priest, all the elements related to the gothic style. These dresses have lace elements, frills, corset tops, for a dramatic and elegant effect. They are sophisticated and extremely wonderful. For example, you can choose a model with the theme Duomo di Milano, a real fashion statement. The painted pattern of the duomo is located at the bottom of the dress, on the skirt, and in the upper part has lace details with cross jewelry.

Or you can choose a brighter gothic lolita dress, white, with natural elements painted on the skirt. These dresses with painted patterns are true fashion statements with dramatic and elegant effects. If you desire a romantic approach, you can choose a gothic lolita dress in red wine color, with frill details or lace.

3) Classic lolita print styles

Classic lolita dresses have mainly victorian or rococo themes. They are elegant, noble, adequate, especially for mature women. You can feel like a true queen wearing one of these special dresses. You can find these classic lolita dresses in numerous colors, such as black, white, red, red, and black, white, pink, blue. The patterns are different, from rococo elements, victorian to floral ones, such as roses, lily, flower plants. These models have lace details, bows that add an even more sophisticated note. The upper part is predominantly corset-like or tight to the body for a sensual yet elegant look. The waistline draws the attention with the bows used. The upper part of these dresses is in contrast with the bottom part, which has volume for an outstanding effect. They are true statements of class. For example, you can choose a classic lolita dress in blue color, with a fitted upper part and a bow situated in the waistline, and white lace details are applied to the sleeves in a special contrast. These dresses are showstoppers, drawing all the attention while putting the beauty of your body in evidence. They are feminine, elegant and noble. You will feel like a true queen while wearing the classic lolita dress in the daytime or for a night out in the city. For a day outfit, you can choose a dress with a black skirt and white shirt with frills or lace details. This classic lolita dress has a simple yet exquisite style that cannot go unnoticed.

 You can also go big; for example, you can choose royal murals printed dress, with multiplicated pattern and many lace elements and a big bow situated on the waist. Or you can choose an all-black classic lolita dress with an outstanding design of the song of the time, showing a beautiful woman in a field full of flowers on the skirt.

As you can see, lolita dresses have beautiful patterns and are available in numerous colors to match every occasion. You can choose a sweet lolita dress with bears patterns if you are looking for a cute outfit, or you can select a crosses pattern gothic lolita dress if this is your style. If you are looking for a great outfit, then you should choose a classic lolita dress with rococo themes or floral. Lolita’s fairytale costumes are elegant and distinguished and provide an incredible effect. If you want an outstanding outfit, a showstopper, lolita dress is the piece you are looking for. The wide range offers you, numerous beautiful models, to match your style and occasion.

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