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Hi my dear, officially we are in September swhich means that we must leave the shoes intended for the warm season and choose something suitable for the temperature indicated by the thermometer. 

Although I love heat and high temperatures, it is practically impossible for me not to enjoy the colors of autumn, the rustle of the leaves and what this season brings with it. But at the same time I love to wear boots up to the glenza or even taller a little. So I decided to shop on Shoessee and at the same time show you what products caught my attention. 

Whenever I think of boots and shoes in my mind this song comes to mind this boots are made for walkin, I just think it’s the perfect way to start autumn with a pair of good boots and quality music. 

But today we are talking about boots and as you well know Shoessee has accustomed us to wonderful models, not only of boots but also other models, so they can move them to the category of fashion shoes for women with great ease, they are the most in this Field. 

I will show you what I like and of course I will invite you to see what you find to your liking. Personally I tell you that I love to buy shoes from here, I have not really seen such models with us and even if I have to wait a while after my orders I prefer to do it if then I can enjoy a pair of gorgeous boots. 

I tell you that it is always difficult for me to choose a single model, and that’s because their range is very varied and full of models that more or less beautiful and interesting. 

In general I go on the casual boots are to my taste especially as most of the time I wear shoes with low soles or sports shoes, however in the cold season I prefer to take care of my feet and implicitly my health and I choose to warm myself with boots and boots, models suitable for my style but also for the temperatures outside. 

On the site of you will find a lot of interesting models, models suitable for each person and that will suit our needs. When I was a kid I didn’t think it was important to wear shoes suitable for the cold season and therefore although my parents bought me boots I wore sneakers even though it was cold and wet on the floor outside. For me the sneakers were the most comfortable and even though I risked getting wet at my feet, I didn’t care, now things have changed and I understand the importance of the shoes and the fact that I have to take care of myself but especially to choose the right shoes for the season. 

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