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Hi my dear, how are you? A little more and we were saying goodbye to October and I can say that for me it was a very strange and eventful month. 

Primarily because of the virus that threatens our lives quite aggressively, I ended up having to stay locked up in the house, in quarantine. I’m glad though that it wasn’t a very severe form and that I’m fine. 

This I discovered Helloice, an online store with a very beautiful range of accessories, from here I will present you three categories and I will let you discover what you like and I will ask you to tell me what you like. 

I’ll start with the cuban link chain. Because here I found the first accessory to my taste. I’ll leave you the picture of it, of course, and I’ll continue with the next category. 

We move on to hip hop jewelry, here the situation is like this, because here you can find a lot of jewelry, suitable in hip hop style, but here I will let you discover what you have prepared – the people from have prepared, I for one have enjoyed each model found and it is hard for me to choose one. 

I tell you that I really like online stores that provide you with many products. An example is this, and as in our country the restrictions are harsh due to the pandemic, it is quite ok to think about what you need at online stores. 

The last category is iced out pendants, and here I found amazing models and I will leave you only one model. It is difficult to choose a single model so I let you discover what you like on their website. I for one have not decided yet but I will definitely buy something on the site. 

Even if the current situation is difficult, I think it is the right time to enjoy the online stores that are very well stocked and that provide us with a lot of models. 

Visit the store and tell me what you think about the models I chose and of course tell me what you like from the site. I for one have not decided but I will certainly do it and order something from the site. 

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