You can find quality boots on UP2STEP

Hi my dear! Look, we are approaching december and implicitly the end of 2021. Before we talk about today’s topic, I’d like to ask you what your birthday was like or rather this year for you. 

Mine was full of both beautiful things and activities dear to me but also of less beautiful things that mark us, however today I want to talk about UP2STEP an online store that I have not told you about so far. 

Because we are approaching the evening between the years and of course the Christmas night, I decided to show you what wonderful shoes I found on the site and tell me what models you like. 

Although I don’t wear high-heeled shoes frequently, I admit that I love to put on my shoes with myself at certain events. I like to look good and we have to be fair and say that a dress looks great with a pair of high-heels. However, because the weather is changing today I want to show you a pair of perfect boots for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve

They fit perfectly to the fabulous category but we have to call them pleaser boots because that’s exactly what you’re called the category where you’ll find them on the site. 

I think it can perfectly complement a dress, and the more beautiful it looks, the more simple a red or black one would be. We don’t want to go to the other extreme, do we?

I tell you honestly that I like many models on the site, and I leave here a link:, to see what interesting models they have prepared for us. I just can’t decide on a model.

It is always difficult for me to decide on a model and to tell you the truth, I think that if I worked at this store, my salary would only go on shoes. I leave you a link:, to see what other models are in stock and of course I also leave you the model I would like to order.

I have to invite you on the site to see what other models are in stock, I also advise you to check the size chart to make sure you choose the right size. I have not yet decided on a single model and I think I will put in the shopping basket two pairs, a kind of holiday gift for me

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