What outfit did you choose for the passage between years

We have officially passed half of December and we are practically approaching with sure and hasty steps towards 2022, a year that will be better than this one that ends and that will say stop the pandemic and the madness around it. 

However, because I want to believe that my blog is a cheerful one full of beautiful things, I will not develop this topic but from the appropriateness I will show you some wonderful and perfect clothing articles for new year’s eve. 

I started looking for casual women tops and of course I ended up in Holapick.com online store, being one of my favorites when it comes to clothes and accessories

It is said that if I wore the color red we are lucky next year, so I decided to comply and show you a wonderful shirt-type blouse, and I can honestly tell you that I like these blouses enormously, being made of a light material. 

I must mention that I am not a fan of glitter or markets and that is why it will not look like a model that contains such fireworks, I like the idea of classic and simple and I choose clothes that can be easily worn on another ocasion. 

Of course you can find gorgeous clothes on their website and if you look for women casual blouse, because yes, they have many beautiful models and suitable for any occasion. Every time I get to their website it is difficult for me to choose a single model and until I place the order I change my mind a few times. 

With the change of years and especially with the night between years I hope that everything will be different, to enjoy what is around us, to choose to be better and of course because we are talking about clothes to choose the outfits we want and that benefit us. 

Choose to enjoy what you have, choose to be better and of course choose to go on your principles does not let you be influenced by that what others say. That said, I hope that next year we will see each other again and have a much better and more beautiful year than this one. 

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