The perfect gift on Valentine’s Day

Hi my dear! How are you? With quick steps we are approaching the month of February and as you well know this is also called the month of love. The month in which we fall in love and fall back in love with the one next to us. So I thought I’d present you some ideas of accessories perfect for the one next to us, what do you think. 

I know I’ve told you about Helloice before and today I want to show you what I like and what I think would suit you on this day. Although let me mention that I believe that you can always offer something to the person next to you, you do not need a special occasion. 

I chose a few categories and I will present them to you today, but to know that the site has many interesting products and it is a pity not to visit it to see what is to your liking

I will start with the cuban link category, from here I chose this model and I recognize my own and I think I will put it on the wish list, if I do not manage to buy it now before Valentine’s Day I will buy it throughout the year and surprise it

We continue with another equally interesting category that provides us with other wonderful accessories and perfect for the gentlemen next to us. 

This is called tennis chain and I tell you that here I found a model to my liking. Now to tell you I find it difficult to choose only one…. Which one to choose? What do you say? 

As you can see I choose the thinner version, because I know that my husband acedt type of accessories likes but that does not mean that you do not find other models. That’s why I ask you to visit the store to see what other chains you will find and tell me which is your favorite

That said, please enjoy the month you are about to love and be loved but please remember, you can give gifts anytime not just in a certain month of the year. I hug you with love and let’s have a good time next time. Kisses

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