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Hi my dear, look that spring has come, the time has come to forget about the warm clothes and enjoy the sun’s rays and what’s next. I know we are very happy with the lifting of restrictions and I can say that for me it is a welcome break.

You already know that I love to shop and I can say that going out of the house and raising the rules made me try to do other activities, but that’s not what we’re talking about today, but about stylish accessories for different people that we find on

I do not think about it and I start directly, because the model that I am going to present to you does not bear procrastination and I have to tell you what it is called and show you what I am talking about.

I will start with claddagh ring, because I really like this category and I have found a nice ring that I want to show you.

I think this is a special model, his idea seems appropriate to me if it is really given to the special person. At least the meaning of the heart between the two hands makes me clear that that person is giving not only a ring but also your heart. What do you think?

We leave the traditional romance aside and move to a different kind of romance because yes, not all of them have to be pink and with hearts, you can love in your own way and this ring represents a love seen different. The next category is skull rings, because you can expres your love în your one way.

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to love, it only matters to be happy with the one next to you and to accept him with good and bad, that means from my point of view true love and this must be celebrated. If, however, I think that the skull ring is too much for you, I leave you below the classic version of rings for women, you can choose here one that will be to your partner’s taste

Choose what you think is to your taste, do not think that you are making the wrong choice if you choose a ring different from what is standard because love does not take into account standards or stereotypes, take into account what you want and how you understand it

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