You can look fabulous at work with Dear Lover Fashion

Hi my dear! If I look in the calendar I see with stupor that almost passed the first month of spring. I tell you straight that in a way I’m glad, I don’t like the cold and nymph that has to do with it, I don’t like the rain and the days with clear skies and sunshine are those days that bring a smile to my face.

I can’t say that the cold weather doesn’t have its charm, but I like what the winter period when it’s snowy, when I enjoy the snowflakes in the comfort of my house not when I have to go to work to swim through the woods or walk through the rain. However, today I am enjoying a sunny day of a day that simply makes me smile and thank you for the beautiful weather.

Today is a day when I’m talking to you about a new online store, a store that I recently discovered and that helps me change some of my wardrobe. I decided to make some changes and so I started looking for wholesale blouses

I once told you that at work I need a white or red blouses, so being an online store with affordable prices I decided to make some shopping suitable for work.

I thought I’d show you what I like and let you discover other clothing items available on the site because I know for sure that you will find something to your taste.

Although I am not a fan of these blouses and I do not generally like sleeveless clothing, I admit that this blouse I find super interesting and I am glad to see that I find on the site a guide that I can use to choose the right size, and I also advise you, whether we are talking about an online store from us or from abroad, check table

Another blouse to my liking is this one. The same way I would go in white, being good for work but at the same time suitable for hot days. Although I admit I’m not sure if we’re going to have those heats from the past this year

I like stores that have affordable prices and I admit that when it comes to purchasing clothes for work I choose clothes and blankets that do not stand out and that I can wear with sneakers, taking into account that I spend almost 12 hours at work … Well I don’t really see myself sitting with high-heeled shoes.

In this online store I can say that I found cheap blouses for work which I enjoy enormously because yes, I prefer to have more blouses and models than a few that I have to wash every day. And because I’m only allowed to wear white or red… well the idea of cheat is perfect

I advise you to look on the site. The models chosen by me have quite low prices and it is even worth it. It is true that it takes until you get the order longer than if you order from us, but this one does not prevent me from ordering.

It doesn’t make sense to go after our fingers, first of all it takes until the weather allows us to give up the jackets, but that is why I will place the order now and so in the summer I will enjoy my choices to the fullest. Visit the store of the Dear Lover Fashion, here you will find amazing stuff at good price.

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