The right accessories are on Helloice!

Hi my dear! Look, we’re already close to the middle of the year, and May is a very special month for me. I am very glad to say that although it is the month in which my blog turns the wonderful age of years, it is also the month in which I was born.
I kept thinking and this month is the month when I decided to talk about possible gifts, but this time not for me, but for someone dear to me.

We have talked about Helloice before and you already know that they have wonderful products and especially that they have products intended for the gentlemen in our lives. So I’m going to present you some interesting models for them.

It does not make sense to lengthen it and I will start directly with the first category, I already know which caught my eye and it would be a shame not to present you at least one product available here. I will also let you discover the rest of the products available here, and I will move on to present you the next product and implicitly the next category. Anime necklace is the first category and I’ll tell you straight that this necklace is awesome.

I love this and I’m glad to discover this range, because honestly… it is carefully crafted and puts a little emphasis on each outfit. We move on to another category, a little different and I admit that pearl necklace men is the kind that simply suits.

I like that it’s just at the base of my neck, but also the fact that besides the one I’ve chosen, you can also find some without a pendant. We move on with small steps to the next category, namely earrings for men, I found some interesting models and I want to show you one to my taste.

When it comes to earrings, whether we are talking for me or for the one next to me, I choose the classic version, with a screw, they simply seem to me the most suitable. The perfect example is the one presented above. I invite you to discover other wonders and tell me what you think about the products chosen by me.

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