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When the bracelets with charms appeared on the market I wanted one that would represent me, yet because of the price I gave up, because I just did not want to give so much money on some accessories that at some point I will not wear.

However, I would be lying if I told you that I’m not sorry, because I thought about it I really wanted a bracelet that would represent me. I started to browse the internet and so I came across an online store that thought of people like me and made a very wide range of charms that more or less interesting and beautiful.

I made a list of things that represent me and I started to look to see what I find on the site to suit me. I will not tell you about each one, but I will choose three charms to present you in the future if you want to choose others.

Some of my choices have to do with my little girl, because she is my universe, and or as the charm above says, my sunshine. I’m glad to see that you can also achieve charms with the face of loved ones like this one if the first two are specifically related to my family, well the third is for my soul and for me. It represents something that makes me happy and makes me smile.

I looked at the hobbies category and I tell you straight that I find myself exactly what represents me, I tell you this pair of headphones has conquered me and how without music, life has no point … well this charm is ideal for me and will definitely be found on my bracelet with pendants.
I also tell you that on the site you will find the bracelet for them but also necklaces and other accessories.

Stop thinking let’s see what I’m talking about. I will definitely buy on the right charms for me, but also the right bracelet for me. That said, let’s get to see what it’s all about and which pendants are right for you.

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