Summer wishlist from

Hello dear, today I want to show you what beautiful products I found on About this online store I have spoken to you, so you already know how much I love this store and how fond they are of their products.

They always find products for the whole family, but also for the house. Every time I choose to buy something for myself or my little girl, the husband is a little more difficult, so I let him buy himself.
I’m not going to stretch it, and I’m going to show you what products I found, and why I chose them.

A Line Flower Tunic Cami Top

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Wish list from on december

A few days ago, I have introduced to you a nice website I have made a wish list from that online store, and today I want to show you more amazing clothes. I want also to tell you that I have brought some products from here, I now I’m waiting my package.

Today I have returned to this website, because I have search women clothing online, and this site, was on the result.  I really like this online store, because here I have found some nice things, clothes that I haven’t found on another web store.

I will start with cute womens tops, because I really find some nice models. I will show some models, and after that I want to visit the web store by yourself, I’m sure, that you will find nice things.

I will start with cute womens tops, because I really find some nice models. I will show some models, and after that I want to visit the web store by yourself, I’m sure, that you will find nice things.

In my first wish list, I have present you a nice outerwear for women, today I also want to show you other models, and also I want to invited you on the web store, to understand way I like this online store.

You already know that I don’t like cold weather, I hate winter but I like December, I like that this month Santa is coming, and is the perfect season to buy nice things for the winter.  

So in the end, I want to invite you to visit, and tell me what do you like most from this online store. I have a hard time to some new products, to order. If you tell me what to you like, it maybe easier for me to choice some new clothes

Wishlist de toamna de pe

Buna, de mult nu mi-am mai facut un wishlist, asa ca a venit timpul sa iti spun ce vreau de prin afara. Despre Rosegal ti-am mai povestit, dar trebuie sa recunosti, ca a trecut ceva timp de cand nu ti-am mai aratat nimic de pe acest site.

M-am uitat mai toata ziua, pentru ca imi este dificil, sa aleg cateva produse. Pur si simplu am gasit haine care imi spun „ia-ma”. Iti voi arata ce contine cosul meu de cumparaturi, si atunci cand voi intra in posesia lor, voi face un ootd special, folosit aceste produse.  Acest hanorac se incadreaza perfect in sintagma potrivita celor de la  Rosegal Halloween Sale

Pe langa acest superb hanorac, am gasit si o bluza tare draguta. Imi place sa imi cumpar haine de pe site-urile aceste, pur si simplu am gasit modele, ce la noi in magazine nu se gasesc. Bluza de mai jos, mi se tare interesanta.

Produse de Halloween perfect pentru wishlist-ul de toamna

Imi place culoare, dar si designul. Pur si simplu, este o bluza superba, potrivita pentru o zi la birou. Nu-i asa?  Ultimul produs ales, este tot o bluza. Un cardigan, destul de interesant. Imi place acest tip de bluza, pentru  ca sunt genul de persoana, care poarta tricouri si pe timp de iarna, si care alege aceste bluze.

Pe site-ul celor de la Rosegal, impreuna cu cele de mai sus, vei observa o multime de lucruri interesante. Produse cu preturi foarte ok. M-am uitat pe site-ul lor, si m-am decis sa imi comanda cateva produse, produse in valoare de 50 de dolari. Imi place hanoracul foarte mult, si cu siguranta il voi comanda, la fel si bluza alba cu albastru, totusi la cardian…ma mai gandesc.

Imi place, este genul de magazin online. Care iti permite sa cumperi cu bani putin haine minunate. Acesta este wishlist-ul meu de toamana de pe

Rosegal valentines gifts – wishlist

I have search on internet, this expression: rosegal valentines day 2018, and I must admit that I was very happy because I have found on my favorite webstore, nice products at good prices. And because Valentines’s day is approaching, please remember this expression rosegal valentines gifts 2018 because it will help you a lot with beautiful gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Because we are waiting for cold wather, I will put on my wishlit this coat, I love the color and the model.

The second products I like is this one, is a nice keychain, perfect for my backpack. It will say that I really like this promotions, is so attractive, and I will admit, that I didn’t believe I will find such amazing promotions on

This two products are so beautiful. I love it bought and I can’t to recived the package. The coat I have seen a few days ago, and I’m so curious how it looks. And I believe that it will be perfect for this season. On you will find nice products at a very nice price, and all the products you pick will a nice gift for the person you love.

Zaful valentines day sale

Here we are, a new year begin, and a new valentines day is comin. I have searching on internet different promotions, and I must say that I love what I found. On zaful valentine’s day deals I have find nice products, and because I know that the product are good quality, I will ask you to note this down, zaful valentines day sale 2018, because you don’t want to forget this one. Here you will find beautiful clothes.

So let me show you what nice products on very good prices, let me show you what I like most.

I really like this blouse, I love it, I like the color, the patent and I love the model. I must say to you that the blouse is availed on different size

The second thing I have found is this hoodie, I must say that was first love, I can’t wait to recived it. Is fabulous, and I want to show you the most amazing hoodie found on any website store

With this hoodie I finish my wishlist, because this two products I really want it. So I invite you to visit the website, and to tell me what do you like most, and please tell me what do you think about the products I choice.