New dress from

The summer is enter the rights and because in this period weddings are in full swing, the time has come for us to forget after dresses for various events.

I searched on the internet and I found a few online stores with beautiful gowns, but it is still early I want to throw an eye and on the web sites outside the country.

I looked after the wedding dresses on the internet and so we got to shop, perfect for such acquisitions. I divided my elections on the four categories, I’ll show you how a model to each category, OK?

Let’s start with the first category bridesmaid dresses, here I found a lovely dress, pink but how many can be purchased and on a different color according to your preferences.

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Amazing clothes from Newchic

Hello, how are you today? How was your weekend? I had a nice free days, and i have search on internet interesting summer wear clothes. I want to show you what I like most from Newchic, and I want also to tell way I really like this online store.

I had talk to you about this amazing online store, a few months ago, but today is all about them, because here I have found nice swimwear for me and my baby girl.

I have seen five category, and I will show you one model at each category, after that visit the online store, to see more details. So let’s being with the first one sexy one piece swimsuit.

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Perfect summer with

Hi my dear, summer is almost here, and this is the perfect reason for me to speak about summer clothes, perfect stuff for you family. I have seen amazing clothes for my girl, and because good stuff is a good reason to talk about this webstore. is the online store name, and believe me here I have seen father and son matching swimwear, nice models for them, and wearing them will have a perfect day on the beach.

I will show you one model, after that I want to invite you to visit the webstore because there will find amazing swimwear for you family.

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Amazing clothes on

Hi dear, is winter outside, and I believe is time to show you nice clothes for women. I have found on internet a new web store, from out of our country, with things at good prices and good quality. I want to show you what I like from store.I will show you a few modes of women sweaters, and after that, I will invited you to visit the website and to tell me, what do you like.

I like this one, I love like it look and I must say, that the price is very good. I also like that on the website, you will find different sizes, and also different color. I want to say you, that I like this first one, because is casual, it’s made with good fabric, and I love the color. I have told you that on this website you will find  other color, but I must say, that this grey it looks pretty.

On this website you will find fashion outerwear, also amazing clothes and for this winter. I must say that is important to know, if you want to wear this amaizing clothes on this season, you need to buy it now, because it’s delivered in 25 days.

About that 25 days that a order will arrive, let me tell you that your package can arrive at you post office or at customs office. I also have to tell you, that the goods are very nice, and the prices are low, that will make you so happy and so proud to wear this clothes. 

So, if you want nice sweaters, and if you want fashion outerwear and good prices, and good quality. I like that here I have found nice clothes, things that I don’t see on our stores. So if you want to be unique and have nice outfits, you must visit this web store, here you will fiind nice things, amazing clothes.

The second sweaters o choice pink, you already know that I like pink color, and I also like that is casual, not office, and is perfect for autumn, or winter. If you like this this season, but with this sweater the winter is a nice season, and because Christmas is coming, I believe that this is perfect.

Please visit Luvyle web store, and tell me what do you like most, for me is very hard to pick only one products.

Incaltamintea potrivita cu Anne Guell

Am amanat acest articol, pentru ca tare mult mi-as fi dorit sa fac cateva poze de acolo, de unde se intampla magia. Spun magie, pentru ca mi se pare uimitor, cum cateva maini dibace si doua persoane cu suflet mare, iti pot pune in picioare ceea ce tu iti doresti.

Initial voiam sa iti prezint pantofi cu toc, sandale, botine, papuci si multe altele, dar uite ca vremea de afara ne trimite la bocanci, asa ca incep prin a iti arata o pereche de bocanci absolut superba.

Imi place modelul, imi place materialul, imi place tot ceea ce inseamna aceasta pereche de bocanci, dar cel mai mult imi place povestea din spatele numelui Anne Guell, sa nu mai spun, ca imi plac oamenii din spatele acestui brand.

Spun asta, pentru ca ii cunosc personal. Persoane calde, cu suflet mare, care au pus bazele unui anteprenoriat in 2017, si care intr-un timp relativ scurt, au ajuns pe buzele tuturor. Multa munca, multa pasiune, seriozitate si multa imaginatie, Anne Guell este ceea ce orice doamna, domnisoara, dar si domn, are nevoie.

Desi, stii deja ca eu nu port tocuri, de fiecare data cand vizitez pagina lor de facebook ( promit sa iti las link-ul putin mai jos ) imi doresc sa port o pereche de pantofi. Nu o spun ca lauda, ci pentru ca lucrul de calitate se cunoaste, si daca vei vizita pagina lor, vei intelege de ce spun asta.

Imi doresc tare mult sa ajung sa fac cateva poze la fabricuta de pantofi. Sa suprind acele maini dibace, care pun bazele acestor minunate perechi de pantofi, ghete, bocanci, botine sau pantofi cu toc. Vreau sa vad cum acul strapunge pielea naturala, sa miros acel material, menit sa iti inveleasca picioarele si sa te faca sa te simti speciala.

Sper sa ajung, am vorbit deja cu una din persoanele din spatele acestui brand, si a ramas ca in functie de timpul liber, sa ii fac o vizita. Promit sa revin cu un update, atunci cand voi trece pragul acestei fabricute.

Ti-am promis link-ul paginii unde poti gasi aceste minunatii, si te rog frumos sa vizitezi pagina lor, pentru ca doar asa vei intelege de ce vorbesc atata de frumos de Anne Guell.

Pagina de facebook –

La multi ani Guell Shoes, iti doresc cat mai multe realizari.  Vei gasi in acest clip o multime de modele de pantofi, fiecare speciala si unica in felul ei. Viziteaza pagina lor, pentru ca poti purta o pereche de pantofi marca lor, oricand doresti, trebuie doar sa le spuni ce model iti doresti.